Breakthrough Keynotes

As a CMP (certified meeting professional) Deborah Gardner, knows the decision process you make when selecting a speaker. Clients who hire keynote business speaker, Deborah Gardner benefit from her understanding your bottom line meeting or event needs.

Why Hire Deborah
If you are looking to invest in a keynote speaker that will galvanize your important event with powerful straight talk, Deborah is a great investment. Deborah's delivery style is engaging, entertaining and humorous — an experience worth discovering.

Most Requested High Impact Keynote Topics

Breakthrough Mindset

Would you believe that 78% of employees say they are open to change, yet 90% of companies and organizations actually fail to acknowledge that what worked in the past isn't working sufficiently today?

In fact, for those companies or organizations that are trying to go through change, research tells us they fail to recognize the 'need" to change. And, that need to change comes from desiring what is called — Breakthrough Mindset. Without it, problems and challenges never get resolved, fear continues to escalate, motivation decreases and everything will stay status quo.

If you are experiencing a plateau in terms of business growth, it's time to examine a new path. Learn from Deborah's engaging, humorous and entertaining message, how easy it is to adopt and implement a breakthrough mindset before entering any sales appointment, leading a team or providing the best customer service. Up for the challenge?

Breakthrough Mindset is suitable for business owners, managers and employees. A great choice for companies experiencing internal change with a focus on long-term results.

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Breakthrough Selling

Tired of up and down sales reports? Did you know that buyers rate salespeople as 65% average or poor? A study by BMP Online has found that only 55% of salespeople meet their individual sales quotas. If this describes your sales team, discover what no one has ever taught in sales before — Breakthrough Selling.

This high impact, entertaining and participatory message, is a powerful and advanced blueprint loaded with proven skills.

Included is in-depth research, technology must haves, real-life stories and golden nuggets to help position sales professionals reach maximum potential.

Looking for consistent results that will optimize company sales initiatives?

Deborah will help elevate sales professionals by providing the necessary skills to win-over today's sophisticated buyers.

Breakthrough Selling is a blueprint to sell in a competitive world and win business.

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Breakthrough Negotiation

Admit it! Most negotiators know they are faced with on-going, intense and complex daily negotiating issues. However, they don't realize applying the same old boring techniques makes you stuck in a cycle of losing. This causes a fear factor of not being valued for having the knowledge to win business. When all else fails, time to implement — Breakthrough Negotiation.

In this highly interactive, fun and practice-driven program, find out how Breakthrough Negotiation techniques will help increase confidence.

Discover how to address challenges head-on, identify expectations and much more.

Learn how to reduce buyer resistance and gain their acceptance by simple powerful strategies, tactics and even a formula for greater results.

Whether you are a natural-born deal maker or newly seasoned, finally uncover new powerful ways to truly profit and win customers today.

Breakthrough Negotiation reveals powerful strategies, tactics and formulas for greater results.

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