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Life in the Fast Lane

52 Tips for Women To Get Off The Block And Go

As the world continues to move at high speeds, it’s hard to keep up. More and more it feels like our lives have turned into a grueling race toward a finish line we never reach. No matter how fast we go, there never seems to be enough time to accomplish our purpose in life.

If you don’t want a mediocre life, but instead, dream of serving what is important to you, then something needs to change.


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Compete Better Now!

52 Challenges for a Kick-Butt Winning Year

The best way to get ahead in today's new global world is to kick butt by doing YOUR best. Success comes from what you do, not from what you think you are going to do. You have the ability to do well and there has never been a better time to start applying what really works today.

Don’t wait, act now! In a year from now, will you be the same or will you be different?


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Naked Negotiating Complete Set

All Three Books in the Series!

Whether you are a natural-born deal-maker or not, the bare bones truth is, to negotiate in today’s market it’s time to get naked! Strip away old techniques, undesired processes and weak strategies. Instead, uncover the natural way to receive profitable results with three different levels of negotiating.

You will learn earn the benefits of naked negotiating, personality behaviors, leadership anatomy skills and a successful proven formula to win every negotiation.


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How to Sell to Men

Without Wearing a Low-Cut Dress

As a sales woman in business today, you might find the sales process cruel and frustrating when pitching products or services to men. You do have options when pressured to do "whatever it takes" to impress them. Blunt discussions and tell-it-straight tactics reveal how you can subtract the sexual sizzle and still advance your sales career.

Drop the worn-out strategies and learn how to conduct business that will enhance both your self-esteem and your bank account. This book bares it all.


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