Real ID Act, a Potential Nightmare

The date of October 1, 2020, could be the biggest nightmare of all time in the travel industry. The Real ID Act is a potential nightmare waiting to happen at TSA security screening checkpoints. According to Travel Weekly, an estimated 500,000 passengers per week could be turned away. If you are one of those passengers, your travel plans could be ruined.

99 Million Americans Do Not Have a Real ID

The sad news is that the U.S. Travel data shows that 57% of Americans remain unaware of the Oct. 1 deadline. In addition, an estimated 99 million Americans do not have a Real ID, a U.S. passport, military ID or Global Entry card that will allow them to pass through airport checkpoints after Oct. 1. If this happens, then travelers can’t get on their flight, they won’t be staying at the hotel they’ve booked, taking the cruise they’ve planned for months; attend grandpa’s last-minute funeral or making that important business meeting. The repercussions could be huge to everyone including the economy.

Real ID Act potential mass confusion

The Good News for Travelers

The Trusted Traveler Real ID Relief Act of 2020 just introduced a new law that would allow TSA PreCheck membership to serve as a temporary alternative to a Real ID at domestic airports and create a plan for the TSA to vet people who show up without Real IDs. Also, they are allowing online applications for the IDs instead of going in the long lines at their local motor vehicle division offices. However, that should not let you off the hook to wait and see what happens.

Take it from me who just experienced this process today. Be proactive and I bet you will experience shorter lines, less stress and more time to do other things as well. Get your Real ID today!

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