The Next Season in Life, and in Swimming

It’s now a 3 month, 3 day pandemic weekend, and, through it all, I’ve been fearful of the constant changes happening.  After doing some soul searching, I’ve found a new perspective on the next season in life, and in swimming.

As a competitive swimmer since the age of seven, I have done countless laps, drills, flip turns, meets, and races. Yet, in the back of my head, I’ve always wondered, what it would be like not to swim. Well, that day unexpectedly happened. During the pandemic, the swimming facilities closed meaning there were no more practices.

My normal 5:00 am practice routine stopped.  Instead, I’ve found myself tucked up in my bed, like most sane people. Suddenly, I was missing out on something that made me feel alive.

My mental balance has somehow diminished. Being away from the pool has made me aware that I’ve started feeling lost, angry, sad, and even depressed. I thought maybe it’s time to retire from the sport of swimming. Besides, when the swimming world resumes again, getting back in the water will be like starting all over again. Will I be able to find the courage to get back up on the starting block? Will my body physically withstand trying to get back into shape?

The Next Season

Recently during this unanticipated break, I was sitting on the couch pretty much feeling sorry for myself. I  watched a movie from 2002 named The Rookie.  A true story of a father’s relationship, Jim Morris Senior (played by Brian Cox) with his son, Jimmy (played by Dennis Quaid), that inspired me. The father said to his son, “your grandfather once told me, it was okay to think about what you want to do until it was time to start doing what you were meant to do.”

At that moment, I asked myself the same question. The answer, swim! To dive off the block, feeling of the bubbles of oxygen tickling my skin, escaping from the hustle, the noise, the cellphones, and the chatter. Just being completely in the moment and purely experiencing my own thoughts while gliding through the water, controlling my own pace and destiny.

I’ve rediscovered, I truly love being in the water and I know the water truly loves me. Now I’m convinced, the pool is waiting for me to make bigger splashes and to race faster. In the meantime, dry land workouts will do. But, I do look forward to the next season in life, and in swimming.

What do you truly love to do? What were you meant to do?


About Deborah

Deborah Gardner is a competitive performance expert that works with leaders and their teams to accelerate in the fast lane. Rising to international prominence as a dynamic, funny, and entertaining speaker, Deborah delivers powerful fast-track, profitable results.

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