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deborah gardner

Hospitality and
People Expert

Achieve outstanding results, by focusing on people

Deborah delivers results in business and in her personal life by emphasizing people over profit. Her empathy and the ability to understand feedback is a guiding force, whether it's the relationship between a guest and a host or a simple interaction between two people.

Deborah Gardner at home in her trailer

From Trailer Park Queen to Mrs. Arizona

Her journey as a hospitality ambassador began as a supplier for Hilton Hotels. Over the ensuing years, she transitioned into a Certified Meeting Professional and speaker, covering a wide range of businesses within the hospitality industry.

Deborah's 30+ years of experience will bring to your organization, an unmatched level of experience, whether you're looking for insight into servicing customers, selling, negotiating or leading a team.

Deborah's talks highlight the importance of relationships and the fundamental role hospitality plays in increasing the profits of an organization.

Deborah Gardner and her dog Chief

Deborah Gardner competitive swimmer

Deborah Gardner Mrs. Arizona 2020

About Deborah

Deborah Gardner helps companies achieve newfound success by delivering meaningful, real-life content that will impact everyone, from the back of the house to the boardroom.

Deborah's keynotes draw from a lifetime of personal experiences. Her eloquence and persuasive speaking style will take you on an exciting journey through the use of personal anecdotes and real-life situations.

A few of her many personal experiences include serving as a Meetings Mean Business Ambassador, hospitality sales veteran, two-time National Gold Medal Swimming Champion, one of the very first female broadcasters on CBS Sports, and Mrs. Arizona 2020.

As a Certified Meeting Professional, Deborah is an expert at teaching people how to achieve outstanding results by focusing on people. Whether it's food and drink, lodging, transportation or event planning, Deborah's talks stress the importance of the relationship between a guest and a host and the fundamental role hospitality plays in increasing the sales volume of an organization.

Deborah currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and Chief the dog.

Deborah interviewing George Raveling Deborah interviewing George Raveling, Iowa men's basketball coach