Have You Mastered the Art of Persuasion?

In today’s business world, it is crucial to pursue and perfect the art of persuasion. Think of the art as a skill in your personal toolbox. Executives use persuasion with upper level management, just as managers use persuasion with the staff employees; employees seek to persuade their managers to help them climb the corporate ladder; just as salespeople need to persuade a customer to affect a sale. No matter where you operate in business, it is essential to consider how the skill of mastering the art of persuasion can help you become more successful. What can you do to develop the fine art of persuasion? Here is one simple strategy that will help guide you: CARE!

Yep, to persuade others in order to get what you want, just CARE! Many people feel that it is more important to persuade by servicing others. The truth is service is a foundation for achieving a clients want, but caring is response to an emotional need. Ultimately, it’s more important to form a relationship with others by caring before you can be of service to them. Let’s break down what will make a difference and improve your skills of persuasion just by caring:

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